Bee Andreen is no stranger to walking through life unfulfilled. Bee found early success as the co-owner of her oil and gas company while simultaneously carrying out a career as a professional NBA dancer for the Phoenix Suns.

In a single day, Bee would leave her work boots at the door and change into her cheer uniform. Despite being successful in business and her creative career in dance, she was feeling stuck — grasping onto self-talk that was holding her back from her pursuits.

That self-talk? It was her tags, worn on the inside similar to the nagging labels sewn inside your clothing — an uncomfortable scratch that you can’t itch until you tear it out.

Bee was fulfilling a script written by someone else. Her path was influenced by societal “norms” and expectations that were not hers to hold onto and so began her next chapter — the work to TEAR OUT THE TAGS.

This inner work helped her remove the labels holding her back, re-frame her negative self-talk, define her passions, and forge a path that was hers.

In this pursuit Bee furthered her education and EMBLDN Label was born. EMBLDN Label is a community, led by Bee that gives others the courage and confidence to face their inner dialogue, tear out their own tags, and move them from dreamers to do-ers.

Amber’s Episode Notes:

On this episode I welcome entrepreneur, founder of EMBLDN Label, and amazing friend Bee Andreen. We discuss growth, the labels we assign ourselves, taking back our power, and SO much more. You’re not going to want to miss this one. Bee is a walking breathing definition of what self-growth can do for all of us.

Shareable Quotes:

“It’s easier to be authentic and vulnerable while in a conversation with someone who is also authentic and vulnerable.” -Amber Fuhriman

“It’s easier to sit with self-doubt inside of us than it is to wear it on ourselves and face it.” -Bee Andreen

“We have to remind ourselves that we do not have to give labels a voice.” -Amber Fuhriman 

“Some accidental moments can change you forever.” -Bee Andreen

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