I’m in California this week for trainer’s training and the theme here is taking the time to realize what giving 100% looks like. Have there been times when you’ve said you’re all-in but your focus and results said otherwise? Here are a few thoughts on this exact struggle. Thanks for listening!

Hello! This was a GREAT conversation with my friend John Schuchman. You’re going to realize after watching, that “making the sale” is not even in the top 10 of John’s agenda. He wants to make a difference. Please reach out and let me know what you thought of the episode!

On this episode I welcome entrepreneur, founder of EMBLDN Label, and amazing friend Bee Andreen. We discuss growth, the labels we assign ourselves, taking back our power, and SO much more.

Amber is on location and talking about, not only getting into the arena and taking part in the fight, but also how you show up to the fight.

Amber is joined by board certified Neurofeedback therapy expert Melissa Hergert for a discussion on persistence, failure, and the modern tools we have to train our brains for success.

Amber is joined by author and entrepreneur Aureal Williams for a discussion on our internal energy, early traditional upbringing, and unlocking the fifth dimension.