Hi, My Name is Amber Fuhriman. I’m an attorney practicing immigration and criminal defense in Las Vegas, Nevada and the founder and host of the More Than Corporate Podcast. When I was growing up, I KNEW that I was going to be successful. I just didn’t KNOW that I got to decide what that meant to me! So, I pushed forward following the only idea of success I had ever known…. a college education and a good job. I’ve

had a very blessed life, but it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. I was convinced that when I got this “good job” based upon my hard work and college education that all my problems would disappear! I actually remember saying to my grandma somewhere around 2008 that one day I was going to make $100,000 in a year and all my problems would be gone…. Yup… I know how ridiculous that sounds now.

About Amber

I’m sure you know how this story ends….. but before we get there, let me share a little bit of the journey with you! I grew up in a SUPER small town in southeastern Idaho. Like any small town kid, I loved being outside, enjoyed playing in the mud, camping, hiking, fishing…. the things that I now realize dreams are made of- I definitely didn’t have that foresight at the time.

I started to learn about how our minds work and the enormous impact the thoughts and words that we say have on our beliefs and ultimately on our perception of our own success. And, most importantly, I started to find myself again. ME, Amber Fuhriman the person…. Not

Amber Fuhriman the Lawyer. Along this journey, which is just getting started, I felt the strong urge to share my story with anyone who needs to or wants to hear it. And as a result, More than Corporate was born.

Through the podcast I get to interview amazing guests that inspire me and pass that inspiration onto those who listen. Through speaking and coaching I get to share the things I have learned through my journey to help others experiencing similar struggles. When I was growing up I KNEW that I was going to be successful…Now I KNOW that success is what I make it. I get to define my life. I get to define my success. And so do you!

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