Zack’s focus in his life and his business has always been leadership and service.

He began his career as a metro-Atlanta police officer and then infantry leader in the Army. Since leaving active duty, he has carried those principles into his business life where he continues to help his clients to protect and grow their businesses.

Zack began building his first business while in basic training, knowing he wanted to give more.

Over the last 6 years, Zack has used his law enforcement and military experience to focus on helping entrepreneurs grow their own businesses through masterminds, coaching, consulting, and podcasting.

In his book, The Legacy of Love, Zack tells his story that centers around trauma, healing, and learning. He uses this experience to help his readers know they aren’t alone and can heal from their traumas.

Our traumas don’t define us, but they can hold us back.

Join Zack in discovering how we can use those experiences to learn and grow and become stronger people who can look in the mirror and confidently say “I LOVE YOU”.

Shareable Quotes

“We don’t have to be bulldozers for our message to resonate.” -Amber Fuhriman

“It’s not that I don’t care about opinions. There’s a big difference between accepting feedback and limiting how much outside opinions can affect you.” -Zack A Knight

“I always thought vulnerability meant being able to talk about tragedy. I’ve come to realize it’s much more about talking about what happened after tragedy.” -Zack A Knight

Amber’s Episode Notes:

You’re going to love this one. Zack is one of the absolute rock stars of my self-development journey. This is our 2nd interview together and we get very candid about mental health, leadership, and fear. Thank you for listening!

-Amber Fuhriman

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