Getting the Connection Before the Sale with John Schuchman

Driving by a strong work ethic and high character, John Schuchman invests 110% into everything he does.

From working with real estate clients to releasing a podcast episode, to coaching other REALTORS, John has a passion for helping those around him “level up”.

John uses the skills and lessons learned in 15+ years in sales to help those around him grow and develop.

As a recent client said about John, “He will outwork any other agent”. John is passionate about helping people grow and thrive in their real estate careers!

John grew up in Reading, PA, and now lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife Valerie, son Kaiden, and daughter Liliana.

Combined with his professional connections, John’s knowledge of these areas allows him to perfectly provide local area insight and expert real estate advice to all his clients in Lancaster County, Berks County, and beyond.

Amber’s Episode Notes:

Hello! This was a GREAT conversation with my friend John Schuchman. You’re going to realize after watching, that “making the sale” is not even in the top 10 of John’s agenda. He wants to make a difference. Please reach out and let me know what you thought of the episode!

Shareable Quotes:

“We’re often motivated by things we think other’s believe about us.” -Amber Fuhriman

“I wanted to be of service. I’ve built a successful company mainly from being helpful.” -John Schuchman

“One of the hardest, and I would argue most important, things to do as a business owner… is to pick up the phone to ask someone you know, who bought a product you offer, from someone else. 9 times out of 10 we’re not ready for that answer.” -Amber Fuhriman 

“If you don’t love conversations and you don’t care about people…in my opinion you’re going to have a difficult road to success.” -John Schuchman

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