Talking Structure & Success with Dr. Rob Garcia

All of us have a Warrior Strategist inside of us. A champion undeterred by circumstance, station in life or obstacles.

After growing up in a low income family and failing out of high school and college, I set out on a path to inspire and lead from the front.

I love helping people to realize their purpose and to achieve far past what they thought possible.

After 8 books, 135+ interviews, starting a magazine and winning a business award, I realize that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

On this episode:

Amber is joined by business strategist Dr. Rob Garcia for a conversation on overcoming poverty, building a media presence, and the downside of instant gratification.

Shareable Quotes

“I don’t believe balance exists. You cannot expect your work & life will split equally.” -Amber Fuhriman

“You don’t know the value of exposure until after you try it. It could be that one person who sees you on a podcast no one has heard of that gives you your best opportunity.” -Dr. Rob Garcia

“I couldn’t visually grasp what a future looked like for me. I’d come home everyday to a house full of roaches, police officers…I just had to suffer through it until I could get away from it.” -Dr. Rob Garcia

“When you’re in coaching and/or podcasting you’re playing a role in someone’s journey. I can’t imagine a more rewarding path.” -Amber Fuhriman

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