266: Developing Long-Lasting Relationships with Brandon Fong

Amber is joined by entrepreneur and host of the 7 Figure Millennials podcast, Brandon Fong for a discussion on financial motivation, podcasting, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Brandon Fong is a husband to his high school sweetheart, Leah, and is on a mission to create a more deeply connected world. While growing up on the government-provided “free lunch program” at school, Brandon realized that his most valuable resource wasn’t money… it was his relationships.

This is why, at his core, Brandon is a connector — of people, ideas, and resources. Before age 26, Brandon leveraged his skill of connection to become a published author, run the marketing for an online education company with 250,000+ students, travel to 23 countries with his wife, get featured on TV, and launch his podcast, 7-Figure Millennials, to a top 2% global ranking in less than a year.

Every week, Brandon interviews elite performers with eclectic backgrounds to discover how he and his audience can prioritize their happiness, health, and relationships while making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Brandon is on his own path to build his first 7+ figure business while staying in alignment with the 7FM values and sharing what he learns along the way.

Shareable Quotes

“Your intentions are obvious when you’re trying to connect with people. It’s incredibly important to lead with authenticity.” -Amber Fuhriman

“I’ve had the entrepreneurial path engrained in me since age twelve. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do.” -Brandon Fong

“Developing relationships is by far the most valuable networking component I’ve learned.” -Brandon Fong

“There’s a false narrative when it comes to competition, but the entrepreneurial community is the most supportive community you’ll ever be a part of.” -Amber Fuhriman

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