Passionate for Leadership & Growth with Todd Kuckkahn

Todd Kuckkahn’s passion for leadership and growth earned him an independent speaker, coach, teacher, and trainer certification with The John Maxwell Team.

Throughout his career, Todd has done countless presentations, workshops, and seminars at local, state, national and international conferences.

Todd is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge in communication, leadership, personal growth, corporate culture, and non-profits.

Todd is also a DISC certified consultant and writes for numerous publications, including an international publication. He has also been certified as a DEI trainer for diversity, equity, and inclusion through Empowered Living.

On this episode:

Amber is joined by speaker, coach, teacher, and trainer Todd Kuckahn for a discussion on communication styles, adapting to personalities, and the power of non-verbal communication.

Shareable Quotes:

“Different age groups and personalities have different communication styles. Being able to see that is a valuable talent.” -Amber Fuhriman

“A key to success that I’ve seen consistently is how you to treat people.” -Todd Kuckahn

“Tell people who you are before you talk about what you do.” -Amber Fuhriman 

“55% of communication is non-verbal. Training is lacking in the corporate world when it comes to communication.” -Todd Kuckahn

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