Dr. L. Carol Scott is a trauma-informed developmental psychologist, TEDx speaker, coach, and author. Carol brings the SASS—Self-Aware Success Strategies to help you get along better on the adult playgrounds you play on.

Carol knows that your success today is determined by your first seven years of life. And she also knows that it’s never too late for Development Do-Overs.

As her coaching client, you bring your unique goals for success, and she pulls out the SASS you need to achieve them. Together, you repattern how you operate in every relationship at the heart of your success.

Also a nationally respected thought leader in early care and education (ECE), Carol is former president of the board for Child Care Aware® of America, and the ECE System Integration Consultant for Steering Impact, the home of EarlyCare+, a technology innovation to revolutionize access for all parents and caregivers to the ecosystem of ECE services.

On this episode:

Amber is joined by consultant, author, and TEDx speaker, Dr. L. Carol Scott for a conversation on childhood development, success strategies, and how your impressionable years affect your adult life.

Shareable Quotes

“The first and most difficult step is taking responsibility for our personal growth.” -Amber Fuhriman

“Child development took hold of me in a way I can’t describe. I knew it was going to be my life’s work.” -Dr. L. Carol Scott

“If I can get one message across regarding child development, it would be to remember this is an incredibly fast-learning human being you’re interacting with in these moments .” -Dr. L. Carol Scott

“Coping mechanisms vary from person to person. We can look successful and not be OK.” -Amber Fuhriman


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