From Homeless to Billions with Shaahin Cheyene

Shaahin is a serial entrepreneur who left home at 15 years old, slept on the streets and eventually created over a BILLION dollars in revenue by the time he was 18 with his Herbal Ecstacy business.

He is currently the CEO and chairman of Accelerated Intelligence (an Amazon Marketing and Advertising Agency) which helps countless companies and individuals, taking products and companies from $0 to millions. Founder of Podcastcola (Podcast Booking Agency) and has his own Podcast; Hack and Grow Rich.

On this episode:

Amber is joined by life-long entrepreneur Shaahin Cheyene for a discussion on podcasting, professional readers, and the importance of taking action.

Shareable Quotes:

“The problem with the concept of Think and Grow Rich, is that people stop at the thinking phase and never take action.” -Amber Fuhriman

“We never hear about the shots that Michael Jordan missed. The world will remember your successes.” -Shaahin Cheyene

“If you ask me, one of the saddest things people do is trade their hours for money their entire lives” -Shaahin Cheyene

“Podcasting has been a huge networking tool for me over the last two years.” -Amber Fuhriman

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