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Today’s guest: Fred Joyal

Fred Joyal is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and business advisor. Along with a lucrative career in advertising and marketing, he co-founded the most successful dentist referral service in the country, 1-800-DENTIST. He has written two books on marketing, dabbled in stand-up and improv comedy, acted in bad movies and excellent TV commercials, and visited over forty-four countries around the world. He has an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from the University of Rhode Island, perhaps because of his generous donations. He once beat Sir Richard Branson in chess and was also a question on Jeopardy!. He is an avid cyclist, a below-average tennis player, and an even worse golfer.

On this episode:

Amber is joined by author, speaker, and actor Fred Joyal for a conversation on happiness from money, owning your creativity, and the keys to growing your confidence as a speaker.

Tweetable Quotes:

“People focus on how much money they want to make… the question should always be what do you want to do.l” -Fred Joyal

“It’s OK to want the things you want, but want them for a reason that fulfills you. Don’t fill your life with things you won’t use and don’t care about.” -Amber Fuhriman

“When you learn to trust your creativity… public speaking becomes relatively easy.” -Fred Joyal

“It’s great to have an income goal, but it’s more important to know what is that income goal going to do for you life.” -Amber Fuhriman

Fred Joyal:

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