Building a Strong Foundation with Anthony & Tonie Silva

Anthony and Tonie Silva, Founders of 501c3 non profit FLASH, Financial Literacy and Sustainable Housing also local REALTORS bringing value to Las Vegas.

On this episode:

Amber is joined by entrepreneurs and real estate professionals Anthony & Tonie Silva for a discussion on wanting more than the corporate life, making your money work for you, and finding your definition of success.

Sharable Quotes

“Believing something great is even possible… is a difficult first step for most people.”

-Amber Fuhriman

“The book Rich Dad/Poor Dad changed my focus. It opened my eyes to the possibility of having more of what I wanted.”

-Anthony Silva

“There is no less risk with having a 9to5. There’s nothing wrong with that life, but staying in it because you’re afraid is the wrong reason.” 

-Amber Fuhriman

“We’ve failed a few times but each time was a lesson that gave us tools for the future.” 

-Tonie Silva

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Anthony & Tonie Silva:

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