Finally Design The Life You Want And Actually Have The Courage And Ability To Live It

Unlock The 5 Keys To Living A Happier, More Fulfilled Life With The Draft Your Day Masterclass Series

This masterclass series will take you from feeling stagnant and unfulfilled to excited about life and loving every day.

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Is This Masterclass Series For You?

Whether you’re feeling stuck and lost, not knowing what to do with your life next - or you're already doing "fine" but ready to be great, then this program is for you.

This masterclass series is based on the same proven strategies Amber and her other clients use to go from unsure and unfulfilled to excited about the life they wake up to every morning!

Living with intention is the best way to have a happy and fulfilled life. And throughout this series of masterclasses, you will have crystal clear clarity on exactly who you want to be, what you need to do, and how to do it so that you are living a life that lights you up.

Looking for guidance in clarity for what direction to take your life next, how to set yourself up for a life you love, and actually be able to live it so that you really become the best version of yourself that you can be?

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Ever Feel Like You Should Have More Out Of Your Life?

Amber Fuhriman

You know that magical feeling when you’re a little kid that you just KNOW you’re going to be successful?

Then as you grow up, you realize what you thought would be success isn’t all sunshine and rainbows?

Meet Amber Fuhriman, the founder of Success Development Solutions and a practicing immigration and criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas.

Like a lot of us when we were little, she had BIG dreams as a kid.

After growing up in a small town in Idaho, Amber worked hard to earn a career as a successful attorney helping immigrants in the Las Vegas area with legal issues. She’s even been voted a Top 10 Immigration Attorney by Attorney And Practice Magazine.

With all her success as an Attorney, Amber hit the wall like a lot of career professionals and realized she had lost herself a little bit, thinking that money and achievements would be the cure-all. But she was wrong, those things don’t always lead to happiness and fulfillment.

That’s when she started to learn about how our minds work, the enormous impact the thoughts and words that we say have on our beliefs, and ultimately on our perception of our own success. And, most importantly, started to find herself again, Amber Fuhriman the person – not just the Lawyer.

Along this journey, Amber was compelled to share her lessons and start helping others as a Success Architect to discover their own happiness and fulfillment.

“I believe we don’t find success, we create it, by intentionally designing the life you want and having the courage to get out of your comfort zone to live that design.”

And that’s why she created this Draft Your Day Masterclass Series for you. So that you can design the life you want and have the ability to live it.

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5 Masterclasses In 1 That Will Change Your Life!

Module 1

Design Your Life With Intention And Harmony


Start Your Day For Success


The New Goal Setting


Self-Management For Focus And Power


Creating An Environment For Success

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Here’s what people are saying about working with Amber and Success Development Solutions

She helped me see what I could not see on my own

“I cannot say enough about the amazing insight Amber has to help you look deep inside and walk you strategically through solution solving! She helped me see what I could not see on my own, and knew exactly the steps I needed to take to come up with solutions. Thank you Amber Fuhriman!”

If you are ready to level up, you need this

“Amber Fuhriman, what an amazing change your event provided to each one of us! If you are ready to level up, you need this. Each and every person grew and I can’t say enough good things!”